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One particular experience has to be absolutely exceptional and that’s the one you’ll have from working with us.

We know you’re often overstretched, under-resourced, up-against-it and that everything’s got to be perfect (because anything less just isn’t an option). We get that. And it’s this understanding, along with our creativity, dedication, inventiveness, tenacity and foresight, that makes us a team clients can truly depend on.

And they do, year after year. Having clients say great things about us is amazing but it’s when come back to us time and time again that we know we’re really getting it right.

If it’s made only for you it’s going to be different

Yes we’ve got methodologies and processes and obsessive grasps of itinerary logistics and all the things we need to ensure the smooth running of an event – but we won’t bore you with them.

Boring people isn’t really our thing…

But exciting, entertaining and informing them is which is why we build an optimum team around each project to ensure we deliver something that’s bespoke, different and remarkable.

Whether the grandest idea or the minutest of detail, we never promise what we can’t deliver and always aim to deliver more than we’ve promised.

Meet Our Team


David Westbrooke

Founder of WRP; there’s nobody in the industry he doesn’t know! His wealth of knowledge, experience and creative skills make him a firm client favourite and he continues to have an active role in the company.


Gill Webb

Gill heads up the WRP team. She is super organised with heaps of experience and not afraid to get her hands dirty, clients love her, suppliers love her. She has many years of industry experience.


Sarah Pybus

Sarah’s experience and industry knowledge are second to none; she has worked in events for many years yet still comes up with incredible new solutions.


Caroline Price

Caz is super organised and a real “doer”, she really understands events and how to make them happen and always gets great guest and client feedback.


Linda Gregory

Super fun yet super organised, everyone loves Greggors! Linda has worked as Account Manager within WRP for several years and her clients know she won’t accept second best. A calming and experienced presence on site.


Kelly Green

Kelly joins WRP with a wealth of automotive experience. Her organisational skills and experience make for great client relationships.


Rachel Bailey

Rachel is queen of logistics and fab on site, she has worked for WRP for many years and her venue knowledge coupled with great admin skills mean she’s a firm favourite with clients.


Sam Kelsey

Sam is a speedy whizz with everything logistics! His attention to detail and high levels of organisation mean he’s an invaluable member of the team.


Seetal Sonigra

Seetal is the newest member of the team but brought with her an amazing industry background with her last events role being in Dubai. Her calm and positive nature means she gets the job done and done to an exceptionally high standard.

Contact info

WRP Ltd 31 George Street Lutterworth Leicestershire, LE17 4EQ

Phone: +44 (0)1455 55 95 45 Email: